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LCI Media is a Texas HUB certified, woman and minority-owned L3C founded in Chicago and based in Dallas. 

What is an L3C?


We are the perfect mix between a non-profit and an LLC.  Our main focus is to make a social impact, and we can accept grants.  Although we fully and partially sponsor events for various non-profits throughout the year (your donations and grants make it possible), each year we officially sponsor all the major events for a particular non-profit as our way of giving back.  Our 2021 sponsoree is Black Tie Dinner.


Official Sponsorees

2021                 Black Tie Dinner

2020                American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

2019/20           Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Dallas

2018                 Impulse Dallas

2017                 Young Texans Against Cancer (YTAC)

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To book we require a non-refundable deposit 14 days before the event. There is a transaction fee for all card payments.

  • How much space do you require?
    Each booth requires different amounts of space. See below: 360 - minimum 10'x10' space- preferably 10'x15' Array - 10'x10' Gif - as little as 5'x 5' with no backdrop Boomerang - as little as 5'x 5' with no backdrop Prints - as little as 5'x 7' with no backdrop
  • What are your electricity needs?
    Each booth requires access to a designated 3-prong outlet within close proximity (under 25ft).
  • How long do you need to set-up?
    360 Selfie Booth - 2.5 hours 180 Array - 2.5 hours Gif - 30 minutes Boomerang - 30 minutes Prints - 2 hours
  • Can you sponsor our event?
    LCI Media sponsors all the major events for a non-profit each year. In 2020, we are actually taking on two sponsorees, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Big Brothers Big Sisters, who was also our 2019 sponsoree. It's our way of giving back and honoring our L3C status. Although we would love to take on more, and we are certain your event is amazing, in order to keep the lights on and stay in business, we are not inclined to sponsor anymore events this year. (We literally get asked every week.)
  • How's your day going?
    It's another day! Happy to be here.
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